The Pipe of Prophecy

The Pipe of Prophecy

Illustrated eBook

The hilarious fantasy tale of a 2,000 year old gold lender, his capture by unscrupulous mortals, and his loss of the chief druid Emeritus's pipe of prophecy in Finegans Pub.

The Characters

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Our Tale Begins
Manus the Tailor 1
Manus the Tailor 2
The Security Council

“Shay! A pleasure. I didn’t know you were coming in.” Suddenly from behind a heavy blue velvet curtain the most handsome leprechaun in the kingdom emerged, his distinctive dimple forming in his chin. “How can I be of help?”
“Well, it’s rather delicate.”
Manus ushered me to a quiet corner of his tailors shop. “How can I help?” he asked in a soft Limerick accent.
“I am in need of a costume.”
“A costume?” His eyebrows knitted into a frown.
I inhaled deeply. “This might sound a little strange but I’d like to look like a little mortal man.”
Manus drew in a sharp breath. “I see, I see.”

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